Bill Simpson BA, LMT, CPC, CWWPM


Bill Simpson

Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Professional Coach
Certified Worksite Wellness Program Manager
Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor
Certified T'ai Chi & QiGong Master Instructor
Certified Ondamed Biofeedback Practitioner
ACT Mindfullness Mentor/Coach
Radio Host

Hi…I AM Bill Simpson. My wife Karen & I are the Co-Founders & Co-Directors of Pathways To Living Well. For over 30 years I have traveled down many paths on my search to live the life I love. Along the journey I was able to acknowledge and start to heal from early life trauma, as well as deal with the more current stressful demands of co-hosting a successful radio morning show in Philadelphia (I was Sanborn of the Carter & Sanborn Show). 

I was so passionate about finding my own truth and nurturing my own growth that I was eventually guided by Spirit to help others do the same. I became an expert in dealing with stress & healing by getting professionally certified in various healing modalities & moving arts. For over 20 years I have dedicated my life to helping others find their truth and live the life they love. 

I chose the healing pathways of Love, T’ai Chii & QiGong, Bodywork & Energywork, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda,  Mindfulness, Psychotherapy, Nutrition, and Personal & Spiritual growth.  I came to realize my truth, that in order to live the life I love, I had to take the risk to be true to myself. One of the results of living this truth is that I found my beloved wife Karen. Both of us share the belief that we need to take the risk to be true to ourselves or we will never live the life we love. This serves as the basic premise behind the creation of Pathways To Living Well

I hold this truth close to my heart as I gently work with each client and student. It is my highest priority to create a safe and compassionate environment, and conduct my practice from a place of Love, the utmost Integrity, Humility and Highest Good.  Thank you for taking the first step along on your path to living the life YOU love! 

On The Path Podcast
After years of being inspired by hundreds of stories from clients, students, and others on the path to living well, I decided to use my 35 years of radio experience to create the On The Path podcast, featuring stories to help inspire others to live the life they love. I recognized how the power of storytelling is healing in itself. When I hear stories of how people have overcome huge challenges in their lives to live the live they love, makes me say to myself “Wow! If he/she can do it, so can I!” It is my hope that you listen to these stories you will feel the same way. 

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Karen Fairman RN, CYT, CPRP


Karen Simpson

Registered Nurse and Holistic Health Educator
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher
Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner
Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor
Reiki and Heart & Soul Healing Practitioner
Ordained Interfaith Minister


Hello!  Thank you for taking a moment to explore our website!  Bill and I are Co-Founder’s &  Co-Director’s of Pathways to Living Well.  For the last 30 years, I have explored many paths towards living a life I love, yet I could not seem to manifest a feeling of being whole, healed and fully engaged with myself and the world. What I discovered was that regardless of the path I traveled on, each one ended back at the same place, back to a core question-was I being true to myself (in body, emotions, mind & spirit)? When I finally followed the path of being true to myself no matter what disease, trauma or stress I was dealing with, my life turned around and I am now firmly on the path of living the life I love!

My healing journey over my lifetime has brought me here and I offer my experience to my clients, students and all people I come in contact with.  I am passionate about the potential for each and every person to fully heal, be true to self and live the life they love, in every area of their life-body, emotions, mind and spirit! I believe in the power of the human spirit, the soul and God/dess as the primary source of healing and life energy which is love. I also believe that all life on this planet and in the universe is interconnected, and we as humanity have a primary responsibility to assist each other and all kingdoms to heal and enlighten.

I am following this path with my beloved husband Bill, and we are serving others as guides, helpers, healers and mentors on the path. I have supported individuals, small groups, and large agencies through 1:1 healing sessions, classes, workshops, wellness and educational programs. You will find my approach very compassionate and safe to help you heal. I will walk with you so can get and stay on the path to living the life you love!  Thank you for taking the first step along on your path! 

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