Corporate Wellness

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A Healthy Workforce Benefits Everyone!

  • We understand the relationship between Health and Productivity AND the Bottom Line.
  • Companies that have Effective Wellness Programs in place are more likely to have
    More Productive Employees and Lower Healthcare Costs!
  • Our holistic approach to disease prevention and optimal health allows your employees to go beyond just the physical gym workout for the body, and integrate the emotions, mind and spirit to achieve a state of overall well-being.
  • With Presenteeism (physically present at work but distracted by health or life/work issues) becoming more prevalent and costly, our emphasis on Mindfulness (being in the present moment) makes us the perfect choice!

Pathways To Living Well Offers:

  • Corporate Wellness Program Consulting
  • Stress Management
  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • On Site Chair Massage
  • Yoga. Tai Chi, QiGong & Meditation

 Average Annual Cost Per Employee In 2010

Presenteeism Costs = 2.5 x Your Direct Health Plan Costs Alone!