Life Celebration Ceremonies

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Special ceremonies and rituals to support the passing of one phase of life to another.

Life occurs in stages. There are important and significant tasks to
complete in each stage of life. There are also accomplishments to recognize as one phase lets go into another.

Life Celebration Ceremonies are created to celebrate and support life as it has occurred previously and continues on in the next phase.

Each ceremony is unique and personally created to best reflect the person(s) being honored and blessings for the next phase of life. Family, friends and community are gathered around to support this person on the next part of their journey.

This is a time for reflection, honoring, intentions, prayers and blessings!
Karen guides you and works with you to co-create beautiful ceremonies for the following events:

Life Celebrations for Women: Coming of Age

Coming of Age Maiden

Maiden 13-18+:
Girls who are becoming women need to be recognized and supported during this time of change. This is a special time when a girl learns the sacredness and beauty of becoming a woman. She tries on roles that help her to become the woman she wants to be in the world. We co-create with your daughter (or the girl you are celebrating) a beautiful ceremony that represents all that she desires to become and an honoring of all that she has accomplished in the years past.

Coming of Age Mother

The life passage from maiden to mother can be a particularly challenging and equally rewarding time. In one day, this passage of life happens with the birth or accepting of a child into her life. Everything changes and it is especially important to recognize this change, offer support and blessings, and to celebrate this new Mother! Mother ceremonies can also be conducted during baby showers or soon after the child is born.

Coming of Age Queen 50+

Queen 50+:
The concept of Queen is fairly new in coming of age ceremonies. Perhaps created by women whose children had "flown the nest" and were not ready to accept the title of crone (we now call Queen Mother) as they move into menopausal years and the next phase. We are living longer now than when women in years past. The Queen of a woman's life is a time when a woman gather's the wisdom of all the years before and the opportunity for all the years ahead. This is a time when a woman can devote her time to develop fully into her "womanhood", make very clear choices about who she is now, what she would like to do and experience for the next few decades. During this time many women may go back to school, do things they have not had an opportunity to do before, and make wise choices about the years ahead and their destiny.

Coming of Age Queen Mother

Queen Mother:
The age of the Queen Mother is a stage of recognizing and reaping the rewards and benefits of a life well lived. This is a time when a woman feels she has experienced all that she physically can. Time is now about celebrating life and being with family, friends, and loved ones. The Queen Mother shares with others about the deeper wisdom of life. The age of the Queen Mother varies for each woman. Through a gathering of family, friends and loved ones, a special ceremony can be created to recognize this very special woman who has touched so many lives. It can also be an opportunity for her community to commit to support her in the ways she would like to be supported throughout the rest of her years.

Fees: $150-350. Varies according to length and time to create and perform ceremony. (Sliding Scale is available for special financial circumstances)

Anointing Passing Over

Anointing for Passing Over:

This is a very sacred ceremony to support individuals in the final stages of life. The anointing ceremony helps prepare the Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit of the dying person for passing over.

Karen use sacred blessing techniques, sacred oils and prayer to anoint and clear for passing over each of the 7 spiritual energy centers of the body. The anointing creates a blessing and a continuous prayer for the individual and loved ones through the last days of life on earth and into the afterlife. Family and friends may attend if desired by the individual.

Fee: This service is free of charge

(Donations are accepted, and are in no way expected. If you desire to donate something, all donations for this service will go to the Pathways to Living Well Scholarship Fund-funds to assist others of low income to receive Pathways to Living Well Programming and Services.)

Life Passage Funerals

Life Passage & Funerals:

When a loved one passes over-suddenly-or after a long term illness, it can be a very difficult time. There are many details to attend to. A End of Life Celebration or Funeral ceremony that truly celebrates the individual's life and wishes for what they would like in their ceremony is important. Karen works closely with the family and significant others to determine what that is and to incorporate any special requests.

Karen is also a source of spiritual support and counseling for all who are
experiencing feelings of loss, and she is available to support all through the ceremony and if desired in individual sessions.

Fee: $250-500. Varies according to meeting times with family, time involved to create and perform ceremony. Travel time is included up to 20 miles. (Sliding Scale is available for special financial circumstances)