Living Well Coaching

Living Well Coaching
  • A one-on-one Life Coaching session with Bill or Karen. We'll look at each area of your life….body, emotions, mind and spirit to create an individualized plan that is perfect and right for you!
  • Your plan is guided by your goals and the action steps you'll take to overcome those annoying obstacles that get in your way, so you can move toward your vision and create your best life!
  • Our sessions are unique in that we don't just sit and talk with you about life...we literally get you moving to create your best life!
  • We help you move stuck energy in your body that may be holding you back by "getting the issues out of your tissues" with massage bodywork, energy work, and/or moving arts such as tai chi, qigong or yoga.
  • We also help you learn the tools you need to succeed with our living well classes, workshops and retreats.