Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Mentoring During Body-Soul Healing Sessions

We help you to balance and empower your body, emotions, mind and spirit.

At times, you may need support to help deepen and strengthen your connection to self, your spirit and soul so that you can find the answers you may be looking for. If you are desiring life wellness support and mentoring with a spiritual focus, we can help you.

Karen & Bill are gifted in helping others to connect to Love…as God in whatever form is perfect and right for you. There are many paths to God, they all lead to the same place-the heart of love.

Karen & Bill can help you connect more deeply within your heart, to life, to love, and find a deeper spiritual connection to support your journey during Body-Soul Healing Sessions. They help you through sharing prayer, meditation, bodywork and energy techniques to deepen your connection to spirit and self. Bill & Karen work with you is guided by angels, guides and ascended masters who are supporting you on your journey.

For a  Body-Soul Healing Session with a spiritual focus please contact us 215-948-3456 or info@pathwaystolivingwell.com.