"Entering Bill's space was the beginning of my most positive experience with bodywork and personal growth. I sensed it was a warm and safe place. This comfort level continued through my body-soul session. Having had much exposure to bodywork, it was clear that Bill's touch was a true combination of both art and science. His continued coaching and living well sessions have been valuable tools for my personal growth and life vision. He helped me make sense of my chaotic world. I now have the tools and strength to live my life for me, and have taken major steps to take care of myself around others. I finally found what I had been searching for, for quite some time. Thank you Bill!"
— Joan C-Retired Registered Nurse


“Extensive brain surgery 20 years ago saved my life but left me with a serious balance problem. Through the years, many dedicated therapists and trainers have tried to help me, but with little significant improvement. Bill has given me back my sense of balance. He knew how to make me understand his techniques and he always had the patience (and tact) to work with and encourage me. I was unable to hold my head straight and Bill performed a "miracle" with that major problem. I now walk stairs, exercise and I can even stand on one foot. Another "miracle" is that my strength and coordination have improved to the point where I am now doing stone sculpture with a hammer and chisel, and I am able to work full-time in my husband's dental office.

Another important benefit that has helped me greatly is Bill’s coaching in stress reduction and self-assurance. Now I carry myself normally, and have confidence in public. I was even able to take ballroom dancing lessons and my husband and I now routinely enjoy dancing. If not for Bill, none of this would have happened. My years of trying to "normalize" without improvement, have made me realize that it took a truly gifted and interested person to make my dreams a reality. Thanks, Bill for giving me back a normal life!"
— Carol D-Artist & Dental Office Manager


"Thank you for presenting your Tai Chi & QiGong seminar. The presentation was very informative, entertaining and enjoyed by all participants. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and offering yourself to answer questions people had. We have already gotten great feedback from participants. We look forward to working with you again to present similar programs for the employees at Vanguard."
— Cheryl D./Sheryl S. Shape Fitness Center-The Vanguard Group


"I have been a client of Bill’s for almost 15 years. He is at one with what he does, very intuitive and skilled. Bill has helped me with my arthritis and muscle soreness to a great degree. He uses a variety of approaches, and it feels as though my body "speaks " to him as he knows just where to go and what to do to relieve stress and tension. Bill creates a compassionate and relaxing atmosphere, and I am totally transported during his body-soul sessions. His holistic, caring approach, his masterful techniques and insight have given me a sense of well being and overall better health."
— Judy R, Retired Musician and School Teacher

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"I have known Karen for at least 15 years and in that period, have found her to be of the highest integrity in her work and personal life. She has a sense about her that is supportive and welcoming and people grow and glow around her. I have experienced healing sessions with her and when I arose from the table, had been aware of a lightness and a renewed energy. Her intuition was on target in terms of the issues I was facing and she has been a marvelous guide on my transformational journey. We have also worked together as colleagues, facilitating a class called Healing Through Loss and Grief that we offered to fellow members of the clergy. I would highly recommend working with Karen in any capacity that calls for a heart of gold, an encyclopedic knowledge of healing and a positive outcome."
— Rev. Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW, Author*


"I hosted Karen to teach IET and Healing Angel classes for the Doylestown Hospital Health and Wellness Center. She is an outstanding teacher, very professional, and enormously respected. As someone who brings in hundreds of speakers, I can say that Karen is one of the best. I highly recommend her."
— Susan Duval - www.SusanDuvalSeminars.com


"Healing Angels Work has been one of the most insightful things that I have experienced throughout the spiritual transitions I have been working on. During the healing work and release there are moments that the angels, through Karen, expose a part of my soul that needs attention or recognition. This has allowed me to see and heal the beautiful part of my soul in a very flawed life."
— Richard McLaughlin: Educator, Musician and Author


"Thank you Karen! We couldn't have been happier or more impressed with our wedding ceremony. We knew we needed someone really special to help us create such an unusual ceremony and you did it with grace, style, and ease. We are STILL getting compliments on how beautiful, sentimental, loving, and yet incredibly different from anything anyone had seen before. There was just so much love in the room! It was just what we wanted! We are so grateful to you! Thank you always.”
— Brie & Dan F, Philadelphia PA


"Karen is a gifted spiritual teacher and guide who is compassionate, skilled and caring. I joined her Castle Journey Group in 2008 and Karen and the group supported me to do some intense internal work which changed my life in amazing ways. I am grateful to her for her gentle, strong leadership and for the powerful way she touched my life."
— Wendy S., Minister, Teacher, Author, Poet


"I have had healing sessions with Karen and experienced her love and compassion for me. I could just feel the healing energy coming through her hands and her loving voice helped me to release several stuck places in my body. Afterwards I felt renewed and more alive so I could move forward with my life and my goals"
— Natalie Joy Kaye –On Demand Events