Baby Blessing & Baptism

Baby Blessing and Baptism

A New Baby! What a Blessing!

A new life is beginning. There are days and years ahead to support this little one to be all they can be! It's important to get off to the right start, and a baby blessing is the perfect ceremony to bless this little one for every aspect of love and life ahead.

Each ceremony is created with the parent(s) and significant others to be a beautiful reflection of love and blessing in a way that is perfect and right for the family.

Traditional and sacred baby blessing or baptism elements are used within the ceremony such as sacred water and sacred oils to clear and anoint the seven spiritual energy centers of the body. The elements of nature (earth, air, water, and fire) are reflected within the ceremony and at the blessing space to help complete the baby's heaven and earth connection.

At completion, you will be given a beautiful keepsake of the ceremony to save for your little one's memories.

Fee: $150-350 according to time involved to create and perform the ceremony. (Sliding Scale fees are available for special financial circumstances)