Body-Soul Healing Sessions

Karen & Bill are professionally certified in many modalities of bodywork that will help you heal your Body, Emotions, Mind & Spirit.  Our Body-Soul Healing Sessions are for anyone who wants a focused and blended body/energy work session for personal healing & life empowerment!

During a 90-minute Body-Soul Healing Session we briefly discuss your intention for healing and what you would like to receive during the session (massage, energy work, combination and/or a specific healing focus). You will lie on a massage table (or in a chair if needed) clothed or unclothed (professionally draped) according to what bodywork you are receiving. Bill & Karen each offer their own specific expertise in their individual healing work as described below. Body-Soul Healing Sessions can also be done remotely with Karen or Bill.


I have been helping others with Body-Soul Healing Sessions for over 15 years. My offering to you flows from a compassionate heart combined with the violet ray of transformation, angelic and universal life energy. I combine this energy with acupressure release techniques to maximize your healing potential-body, emotions, mind and spirit. During your Body-Soul Healing Session I blend my professional background and training with certifications in energy techniques:

Integrated Energy Therapy (Master Instructor)
Heart & Soul Healing
Usui and Sekhmet Reiki

I create a safe, nurturing and grounded space for your Body-Soul Healing Session that will help you let go of tension and stuck energy in your body. This stuck energy can cause dis-ease, create unbalanced emotional states, perpetuate dysfunctional mental patterns, and/or disconnect you from your soul/spirit. I facilitate energy renewal, emotional-mental balance, healing alignments, and soul connection that is focused on your personal healing.

I work heart to heart with our healing teams (masters, angels, guides) who assist my work and will often identify themselves to offer insights for you as they are shared with me (if desired). Sometimes, a loved one who has passed over will visit with a specific hug of information or love for you to help you on your healing journey. My clients are fully clothed. Sessions can be done on a massage table, in a chair or remotely via phone or Skype from any location.

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I have been helping others on their healing journey through Body-Soul Healing Sessions for over 19 years. It is my utmost priority to create a safe, compassionate and nurturing environment to allow my clients to be at ease in order to maximize their healing potential. My Body-Soul Healing Sessions include a loving blend of physiological and metaphysical techniques from various Bodywork & Soul/Energywork modalities:

Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Shiatsu (Acupressure)
Tuina (Chinese Massage)
Hot Stone Massage
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Integrated Energy Therapy (Master Instructor)
QiGong Energy Healing

Each Body-Soul Healing Session is unique as I intuitively work with the energy of the Angels, Guides, Masters, and Loved Ones to allow Spirit to guide each session in the direction of my client’s highest healing and highest good. The client has the choice of receiving the session either clothed or unclothed (professionally draped) and the degree of pressure they desire. Remote Body-Soul Healing Sessions can also be done energetically via phone or Skype from any location.  

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