The Path To Living Well Program

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The Path To Living Well Program is a reflection of our mission to support healing, inspiration and empowerment of the body, emotions, mind and spirit so each person can be true to self and live the life they love.


There are 2 phases to The Path To Living Well Program. We “walk” with you on the path and work with you every step of the way!

Phase 1.    First Steps Sessions
Phase 2.    On The Path Sessions

First Steps Sessions

During the first 3 sessions we lay the groundwork for your journey.  We look at where you’ve been, where you are now and where you want to go on the path to live the life you love. 

Session 1: 
Before your first session you will fill out our Living Well Assessment. We will easily identify stuck areas and energy in your life that could be creating the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual challenges you may be experiencing. During this session you will have the opportunity to share your vision of the life you love, as well as receive some bodywork or energywork to get you moving along your path right away! 

Session 2: 
We guide you to get clarity on your values (what’s near and dear to your heart) and share your completed Living Well Vision Statement.  You will listen to (and receive) a personalized audio CD or MP3 of your Vision Statement.  You will also receive bodywork or energywork to immediately start clearing the stuck issues in your tissues that may keep you from realizing your vision. 

Session 3: 
We work with you to develop your Living Well Plan.  This is your map, your powerful Plan of Action that you will use to achieve your vision!  We also help you to heal and clear the obstacles that may get in the way of your plan through continued bodywork or energywork during the session.  

Plus Email Support! 

Each of the 3 sessions includes one personal email exchange (after each session) in case you have any questions or concerns between sessions.

On the Path Sessions


Now that you’ve explored where you’ve been...where you are now...and where you want to go...It’s time to take the next step on the path towards your vision.

Each On the Path Session starts with us taking a look at where you are on your journey.  We explore the roadblocks and issues that are getting in the way of you staying on your path, and work on getting you back on track. Then we help you re-route and plan the next steps you will take on the path to achieving your Living Well Vision.

Next, we work on getting the issues out of your tissues that may be creating roadblocks that are keeping you from achieving your vision.  We literally help you to move your body & energy towards your Living Well Vision.  

We do this through:

  • Bodywork (Massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, etc.) and/or 
  • Energywork (Integrated Energy Therapy and QiGong Healing) and/or 
  • Moving Arts (T’ai Chi, QiGong, Yoga).

We close each On The Path Session with a grounding process, and review the steps you plan to take until the next session. We will continue to work with you during each On The Path Session until you’re ready to move ahead on your own. Whether you continue coming to sessions on a regular basis, periodically or just need to get a “tune-up”, we are always here to support you along your path to living the life you love!

Plus Email Support! 
Each On the Path Session includes one personal email exchange (after each session) in case you have any questions or concerns between sessions.

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